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AiHub Zigbee Multi-Function Gateway 智能网管

RM 288.00


- Power supply mode: DC12V (external power adapter) 

- Built-in security alert mode, supporting alert delay mode and delayed 

- Communication mode: WiFi 2.4ghz, Zigbee 3.0 protocol alarm mode 

- Number of sub-devices accessed: 64 

- Support the sharing function of family members 

- Installation method: 3M adhesive, directly placed on the desktop 

- Support remote upload of gateway log and remote problem location 

- LED lights: 12, supporting night lights, adjustable brightness and 

- OTA support and online firmware upgrade lighting time 

- Operating temperature: -10℃ ~ +55℃ 6.Button: 1, click to switch the night light state, double click to switch 

- Working humidity: 5-95% RH the alert state, long press for network configuration 

- Product size: 70*70*32mm 

- Speaker: equipped with doorbell function, english voice prompt, alarm volume and alarm time adjustable